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Core Values



Operating with transparency and honesty



Aiming for highest quality standards in all products that we manufacture



Build everlasting relations with the customers, suppliers and our human resources



Act as an organization reliable in terms of commitment and action

Quality Manufacturing

The manufacturing activity is equipped with state of the art plant & machinery, skilled manpower and all variable resources required to produce distinct quality Water Pumps

Quality at Power Source is an ever evolving phenomenon

Currently ISO 9001: 2015 certified, we are swiftly moving forward to adapt various Lean Manufacturing Modules and Automation to seamlessly integrate in the production chain

Our expertise

Power Source Water Pumps – a great Proposition

Our expertise lies in not only to develop parts that are difficult to manufacture but also produce and deliver them at a most competitive cost. Power Source water pumps offer an seamless fit coupled with excellent coolant flow achieved through optimum design, use of high quality components, superior process controls & unfailing leak testing process. We offer a wide range of water pumps to suite diverse applications .The pumps come with a warranty coverage for the life cycle and its cooling performance.

Product Diversity